100 years of Gibsons


2019 marks 100 years since our founder, Harry Percy Gibson formed ‘H. P. Gibson & Sons Limited’ back in 1919. Now into our fourth generation with Harry’s great-grandaughter at the helm, we are proud to have such a rich, British heritage and are still providing fun family pastimes for all ages. Here is a glance back at the last ten decades at Gibsons.

Harry Percy Gibson


‘H.P. Gibson & Sons Limited’ was formed in 1919 and we originally sold popular indoor games, such as ‘L’Attaque’ and ‘Dover Patrol’.

Gibson's original packaging

1936 ‐ 1945

Sadly our offices, manufacturing equipment and literature was destroyed during The Blitz in 1940. Therefore, manufacturing on ourown premises was no longer possible.

Harry and Robert Gibson


Sons of the founder, Harry Aisbitt and Robert Gibson re-established trading from Barrett Street in London’s West End.

Gibson's games from 1960

1970s & 1980s

Michael Gibson became Managing Director in 1973. In the late 70s we shortened our name to ‘Gibsons Games’ and introduced classic games, such as ‘221b Baker Street.’ We launched our first jigsaw range in 1986 and our blue boxed puzzles arrived several years later in 2002, which redefined the Gibsons brand.

Michael Gibson


By the 21st century we had over 250 titles in our jigsaw collection, as well as best-selling games and playing cards. We also made the decision to shorten our company name to ‘Gibsons’ to reflect the diversity of our product range.

Nikki and Kate Gibson


In 2016, Harry Percy’s great granddaughters, Kate and Nicki, became Managing Director and Sales Director. Supporting them is a strong team, some of whom have been a part of Gibsons for many years, including Business Development Director, Geoff Lee.

Gibson's Management Team

2019 & Beyond

As we look to the next century, we will continue to produce innovative games and puzzles for all generations.

‘Bringing people together’ underpins everything we do: from encouraging people to play games, and creating a happy working culture, to supporting a local children’s charity and valuing the relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Everyone at Gibsons is encouraged to focus on solutions, to be the best we can be and never settle for something just because it has always been that way. We have 100 years of experience but we will never stop learning.

Thank you for your support, here’s to the next 100 years!

Gibsons Team

Why Buy Gibsons?

We think our products are pretty special. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Our 1000 piece puzzles are made from the thickest board on the market.
  • We produce games and puzzles that entertain all generations, from pre-schoolers to pensioners.
  • We use 100% recycled board for our entire jigsaw range and work with the best artists from all around the world.
  • Our games are made from reforested hardwoods.
  • In the UK, we have sold over a million units of our game, Pass the Bomb.
  • Our Christmas Limited Edition puzzle was the UK’s No.1 best-selling adult jigsaw in 2018.*

* ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ out-sold all other adult jigsaw puzzles and accessories by rate of sale Sept - Nov 2018. Official figures from the NPD Group UK.